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ContractorZ is a SAAS work automation platform that automates and streamlines the full cycle of the work presentment, completion and payment. It improves cash flow management and visibility. It is streamlined tool to review and approve the work. It will also reduce the risk of paying contractors, fast payment with accurate payment informations. This system having three persona, Officers persona, Contractors persona and Ministry persona, which will give a real time update of all the work orders triggered in Assam and their current status until payment. This reduce the time to trigger, approve, reject, dispute, hold a work order. The one stop solution where the ministry will have the work order transparency and informations handy.

Pitch Deck Structure

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Intro duction

Deepjyoti Konwar

Location : Guwahati

Role : IT Head

A practical dream to present an application that brings in the government works from field to a platform. Completely achievable as the most time spent was in the plan of the project where I focused much on pursuing the intangible and achieve the incredible. In a non-technical term this application will keep the officers desk clean by letting a government officer to view a work order which he or she triggered in the application until the work is completed and payment is made.

Example :

Officer: Opens the application in his or her laptop and creates a work order for Footpath painting in Shivsagar district Contract is auto selected based on the nearest available and performance rating. 

Contractor: In the Shivsagar district the contractor receives a notification in his phone for a new work order, he goes inside the application, completes the work and uploads the picture.

Officer: Reviews the work order in Guwahati, he sees that the picture was uploaded from Shivsagar (GEO location enable). Checks the image (Image authenticity check by our Image check utility). All correct, so he approves.

Payment Team: Login in the application, selects all approved orders and sent for automatic payment (The payment utility makes the payment in the registered bank accounts)

Minister: Login in the application from anywhere and checks which orders completed, not completed or in process. The vision is to serve the complete 55 government departments of Assam. There can be a streamlined process where government officials can login into the application, trigger work order, review, approve, reject, dispute and hold. This will reduce the time taken to open multiple files, as all information of the work order will be available in the same screen. No constituency need to wait much for the work completion. The ministry can showcase their growth and performance in a single click. The most impact will be in the job creation, more work order will need more eyes and hands to review and approve. More number of department boarding into the application means more employment generation. The cost of the work remains the same but will make many people employed with the same money. Will explain more in the revenue model.


Deepjyoti Konwar

Program and product management from technology perspective

With 9 years of experience in DevOps, application management and technical assistance profession, successfully secured a position with a well-established organization in a stable environment that helped him to build a lasting relation in the field of Information Technology. He is an analytical, insightful, and highly-disciplined problem solver with a demonstrated ability to identify and secure project resources, providing the quality leadership that invokes committed professional participation to build mutually respectful relationships with all.

Nava Vikash Ray Choudhury

Network and Security management

Highly Skilled Infrastructure management engineer in both domestic and international environment. Experienced in Handling/Identifying/Troubleshooting network/Server related issues or threats. He also developed project management skills while working with PMO (Project management office) team to overlook the smooth running of multiple NTT project based in New Zealand.

Arnab Dewan

Business development and Strategy planner

A Business manager with good knowledge about high value capital equipment sales, distributor management and corporate sales. 

Meghna Bhattacharyya

Finance and Operational Management

A professional Business Analyst with experience in Operations Management and Client Relationship Management.

Niku Gogoi

Human Resource Management

A seasoned global talent acquisition leader with proven experience in helping business penetrate into emerging as well as mature markets like Japan in JAPAC & NA regions. As talent strategist ,Niku has been providing strategic resource solutions to organization to penetrate and scale up operations in various regions within APAC and also helping organizations to build strong EVP and strong presence among the talent community.

Problem / Market Need

Completion of work:
There is no precise mechanism to check for a work order completion. The officers sometime cannot visit the site, the site is remote, the work order is completed but created a different issue, example, a Pipeline installation is completed but the roads were dig.
The application has the feature to check, where the work is performed, where the image is clicked, where uploaded and even can generate a sub order for related issues.

Quality of work:
The quality of work can be examined by checking the material used and checking the completed work personally. Which sometimes becomes difficult for all to visit the site.
The application has the feature to check, where the work is performed, where the image is clicked, where uploaded and even can generate a sub order for related issues

Contractor’s information:
To find a contractors information will require a lot of human effort by checking multiple files.
Contractor’s information will be handy for the officers to use when and ever required.

Approval procedure:
The approval might take long for the procedures involved in physical files.
All procedures can be fulfilled with few clicks in the application, making the process easier.

Pending work:
The pending work again requires a separate investigation and separate work order which can easily be controlled in the application with a Sub order.
The uploaded pictures will provide information of any pending work and a sub order can be triggered to address.

Payment processing:
Payment processing might takes weeks and months if through cheque and cash might create risk.
The application will have the account information and based on the payment approval, all payments can be made within a day.

The feedback will no longer be a word of mouth but can be tracked for any future rewards and recognition.

User Friendly:
It is hard to carry physical files.
It is easy to login into the application, extract all related documents and reports.

Product / Service

Key features

Configurable work flow and Restriction engine

-The work orders work flow will be an automated process, it will go to each queue in the journey of completion. Several restriction can be selected like the approval authority, location restriction, Amount restriction etc

Multipoint integrations for automated decision making

Multiple work orders can be triggered based on the conditions set. Example, if there is a flood, multiple work orders can be triggered based on the location to deliver foods.

On demand access of operational analytics

The complete overview of operational statistics and reports are readily available for recon.

Image authenticity check

Image authenticity check utility is available in the application

Upload geolocation information

Geo location tracking for contractors availability, work performed area, Image upload location are available in the application.

Select contractors based on performance

Officers rating for contractors is available

Select contractors based on geolocation

Geo location will be enabled for multiple functionality.

Effective communication tabs

Communication tab is available for communicating in a work orders reducing the email volume.

Order acceptance Notification

Multiple notifications will be enabled

Order completion notification

Multiple notifications will be enabled

SLA compliance (Time to complete)

Multiple notifications will be enabled

Quality of work through Photographs

Application feature

Check open , past due, closed items in customized dashboard

Ready available dashboard

Track order status until payment

Application functionality

Download complete order information with document in PDF

No need to carry physical files, all documents will be made available

Track order payment status

A click can give the payment information

All work sanctioned and in pipeline information

Dashboard has all the informations

Ready reports

Reports tab will provide all reports information

Accuracy check mechanism

Image accuracy, location accuracy, payment accuracy can be checked

We have the complete execution plan.

Customer & Market Opportunity

Mainly "Public Works Department (PWD)" Assam. There are 55 departments in the Ministry on Assam and all can use the application to automate their work.

  1. To manage compliance risk
  2. To manage operational risk
  3. To manage financial risk
  4. To manage transactions
  5. Will reduce time
  6. Will reduce effort
  7. For precise calculation of the departmental growth
  8. Easy data submission to government
  9. Will help in Statistical presentation
  10. Help to monitor individual performance

The application will reduce the use of physical files, so the work which requires a field visit, multiple file , multiple scrutiny will now can be served in few clicks. So we will let the government officials use the product free for two months. Our survey with few of the officials says that this will bring a revolution and most importantly behaviour change in government departments. It is directly proportional to our state growth , so we have ready customers as people wants the work to be done easier, faster with convenience. 

Competition and USP

Our competitor is the traditional way and the comfort zone in which officials are used to. There are different work order management platforms in the market but we have planned this product based on all the features which Assam government can use and can be helpful.


Some features which makes us unique:

Image Check Utility: Once uploaded picture cannot be uploaded by a contractor.
Image geo location: Was the contractor in the site or he uploaded from a different location.
Duplicate order check: No duplicate order can be processed in the system with the same ID
Duplicate Payment check: No duplicate payment can be processed with the same ID and Same amount info.
Contractor rating: All contractor can be rated by the official.
Contractor Geo location: Can find a contractor based on the geo location.

Our customer will buy the product for the user friendly features which will be helpful for them to manage all work orders for the government.
In the revenue model we will explain who are our users and customers.

Revenue Model

Users: Our users can be anyone who has the authority to view the work order informations.
Customers: Our customer is a concept, we do not charge an individual directly from his or her money.
Revenue Generation: We will collect Usage fee as 3% of the work order and maximum upto Rs30 only for any amount of the work order.

  1. The Usage fee is once per work order.
  2. For amount of Rs10 Work order , the usage fee will be 3%, which is Rs0.3
  3. For amount equal to 100 or more, we will collect Rs30
  4. If a department trigger 100000 work order in a month above “Rs100”.
    Revenue for the month: 30 * 100000 = 3000000
    Neither government has to spend extra or officials.
    The contractor is actually paying a very minimum amount for the work orders that he receives.
    The contractors will have no objection as the amount of work order trigger will be fast in the application, more order means more work for him and a very minimum one time application usage fee for each order.

Current Traction / Achievements

  • Execution plan is ready
  • Servers and services discussed
    Tools discussed
  • Architecture diagram is ready
  • Business flow is planned

Financial Projections

Revenue Generation: We will collect Usage fee as 3% of the work order and maximum upto Rs30 only for any amount of the work order.


  1. The Usage fee is once per work order.

  2. For amount of Rs10 Work order , the usage fee will be 3%, which is Rs0.3
  3. For amount equal to 100 or more, we will collect Rs30

If a department trigger 100000 work order in a month above “Rs100”.
Revenue for the month: 30 * 100000 = 3000000


Estimate in Rs: This is minimum from one Department, there are 55 in Assam.
One month = 3000000
One year : 36000000
Three year : 108000000
Five Year = 180000000

Fund raising

Estimate for a year until revenue-making:
Hardware infra Requirement: Office set up for 20 people: Rs2000000
Software Infra requirement: Rs1500000
Human Resource all essentials for 20 members: Minimum salary estimated: Rs12000000
Miscellaneous: Electricity, water, waste, Stationary etc.: Rs600000
Total : 16100000

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